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About the photographer

I’ve been involved in photography for more than four decades, primarily as an adjunct Christian Weinreichto my work as an editor and journalist. About six or seven years ago, toward the end of my editorial work, I began to get serious about my photography and started selling my photos and exhibiting them in galleries. I have been doing it ever since.

My photojournalism experience has stood me in good stead. In the fast-moving world of journalism you often have only a split second to get a good picture. Usually there is no second chance. Working under deadline pressure trained me to size up a scene quickly and capture the essence and details. My eye was honed and tested every time I took a picture.

Many of my landscape and scenic pictures were taken as I traveled around Washington State. I kept my cameras at my side so that when I rounded a curve or came over a hill to discover a striking scene, I’d be ready to capture it on film.

I work mainly in black and white. Shapes and compositions are more dramatic and they force me to engage my mind and eye much more than with color photos. The lack of color also compels me to study the photo longer, and forces me to fill in details with my imagination. I become part of the creative process.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact me.

Christian Weinreich