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Nudes | Portraits

The technical stuff

All of my work is done in the traditional way — images on film and prints processed in the darkroom. None of the prints are digital or digitally enhanced.

I normally use two cameras: 35 mm Nikon N8008 with a 35 mm to 105 mm Nikon zoom lens and a 50-year-old medium format Rolleiflex with a Tessar lens. The Nikon is used for general shooting and the Rollei for portraits and nudes.

I shoot Kodak film — T-max 100 or 400. I use Tri-X 320 for the nudes. The color images are shot on Ektachrome 200 or Portra 160.

The black and white prints are processed on fiber paper. The color prints are commercially processed and printed.

Christian Weinreich