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These photographs are normally sold as a set of three (a triptych), although they can be obtained individually.
A set of three matted in a single frame is about $425, depending on the size.

Brittany-Kurt's 5
Brittany in Silouette A
Brittany-Kurt's 1
Brittany in Silouette B
Brittany-Kurt's 3
Brittany in Silouette C
Brittany-Kurt's 6
Brittany in Window 1
Brittany-Kurt's 4
Brittany in Window 2
Brittany-Kurt's 2
Brittany in Window 3
Jamie Rose 2
Jamie Rose A
Jamie Rose 1
Jamie Rose B
Jamie Rose 3
Jamie Rose C
Brittany on Rug
Brittany on Rug A
Brittany on Rug 3
Brittany on Rug B
Brittany on Rug 5
Brittany on Rug C